About us

At Affordable Furniture,we provide furniture and appliances on rent.Free repair replacement in case of any break down of any appliance during the lease period.
Easy buy Easy sell
We also sell furniture with a unique “Buy Back Guarantee”, return any time within 3 yrs and get back 50% of the price initially paid.
We specialize in supplying furniture on rent to corporates, bachelors living in rented apartments.

Why the need to rent furniture and aplliances?

Today a sizable working population in Mumbai is migrant. The corporates today are very shrewd and being result oriented,prefer to hire highly dedicated best smart talent, based on not just merit list scores,but look for all rounders and number one students of their respective colleges, even if they are from small towns.In this highly competitive, work culture, it is simply perform or perish.The bachelors living in Mumbai prefer to live close to their place of work and look for fully furnished apartments. But in absence of fully furnished apartments, they take up what ever is available within their budget.If need be, they buy a few items of furniture or even rent them.Disposing off furniture online in case of a job transfer is easier said than done.You get a lot of chat messages and phone calls online,but very few buyers of second hand furniture and appliances.Buying second hand furniture brings with it problems of termites and bed bugs. Buying a second hand appliance comes with the fear of frequent repairs and breakdown.The admin managers looking into company guest houses,prefer to look for vendors who provide one stop solutions and timely repairs and replacements in case of break down. COSTS DO MATTER,BUT EFFICIENCY IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT. They already have a lot to look into being in admin and prefer to outsource their headaches.

For furniture packages of minimum 2000 pm,we have some thing special this year.Pay for 11 months,get 11 more months usage absolutely free.WE HELP YOU CLOSE THE RENTAL DEAL FOR A RENTED FLAT FOR BACHELORS OR COMPANY GUEST HOUSE WITH MUCH EASE.

We have no argument with our competitors who charge less,they know exactly what the quality of their products and services are.

Contact person : Rrajesh Hinduja 9870226260


Ware houses : 90 ft rd sakinaka, Andheri east,

and kherani rd, sakivihar Road, Andheri east

Terms and conditions:

We don’t have a system of collecting rent every month,nor do we take a separate lump sum deposit as such.We charge an advance rent of 11 months,which itself is the rent and deposit.Once you have paid 11 months rent,you don’t have to pay anything for the next 11 months.The min locking period is 6 months,unless specified.Even if you return goods after 4 months in case of a job transfer ,you will be charged for 6 months.If you return after 8 months, balance unutilised rent will be returned immediately in cash or fund transfer,at the time of returning the goods.
THERE IS NO PENALTY CLAUSE.You will not be penalised in case of any damage what so ever to the products given on rent.We give in good faith and expect that you will also take good care of the goods as if they were your own.
There is no elaborate biased,one sided contract or agreement between us, infact there is no contract at all and a simple invoice and challan is there ,supporting the transaction. We prefer to keep it really simple.
As a kyc,we will be needing a copy of your leave and licence agreement as a supporting document,that too,you can email us when ever it comes or hand over to us a xerox copy of the same.
If you take goods worth min 2000 pm,then we have a special treat for you.Pay for 11 months and get to use for 11 more months absolutely free of any cost.
The invoice however is non transferable.

Easy buy Easy sell:

We also sell select furniture with a Unique “Buy back Guarantee”,return any time within 3 yrs and get back 50% of the price originally paid.The only condition is that the goods should be returned undamaged and in a marketable condition. This facility is there to help clients who prefer to buy furniture outright instead of renting furniture and is applicable  to orders of min 5000 value.It is particularly helpful,being a one stop shop,it saves you the trouble  and hassles of visiting so many shops before  buying,and also gives you an assured buyer  in case of a job transfer, because of the buy back guarantee.